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      TEL:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

      40V Grass Trimmer


      Highly efficient Brushless Motor constant speed and long lasting power.
      Powerful Lithium batteryTM delivers cordless convenience.
      3-position rotary head for multiple cutting requirement.
      250mm/300mm variable cutting path design for a wider cut.
      With wheels,easily converts from trimmer to edger by rotating shaft.
      Foldable spacer guard helps protect flowers,plant and lawn furniture.
      Adjustable lever to accommodate various operators.
      Quick fix handle for multiple tools of Realm.

      Standard Accessories:

      Technical Parameters:

         Volts  36V(40V)
         Power  350W
         Motor type Brushless motor / Carbon brush motor
         Motor unload speed 7000RPM
         Cutting path 250mm/300mm
         Cutting diameter  1.5mm/2.0mm
         Power type Samsung 2.5Ah(4.0Ah)
         Running time 35min/40min
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      Tel:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

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