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      ◆ Quick connect function for easy assembling
      ◆ Double-sealing aluminum pump;
      ◆ Total stop system;
      ◆ Built-in thermal protector;
      ◆ Accessory storage;
      ◆ Built-in detergent tank.
      ◆ Built with hose reel.

      Standard Accessories:

      Used for cleaning of vehicles, ground, facades, air conditioner,boats and ships, hotel, etc.

      Technical Parameters:

      Model Working Pressure Max.Pressure Flow Power Voltage Weight Box dimension
      BIM-R 110bar 165bar 7.0L/min 2500W 100-127V,220-240V~50/60Hz 22.5/22kgs 37.5x36x92.2cm
      BIM-R 130bar 195bar 7.5L/min 2800W 100-127V,220-240V~50/60Hz 23/22.5kgs 37.5x36x92.2cm

      Standard Accessories:

      Metal spray gun with 5 nozzles, 5m high pressure hose, 5m power cable with plug,
      water in-let connector, detergent bottle, nozzle cleaning pin with the instruction manu

      Optional Accessories:

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      Contact:The ministry of foreign trade
      Tel:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

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