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      Catch the opportunity of the restructuring, achieve a leapfrog development

      Chinese economy is at risk in 2015. Depreciation of RMB ,speculative real estate bubble,withdrawal of foreign capital from China,the PMI has dropped below 50.Chinese economic situation is grim , a lot of enterprises operating loss because of losing order. The phenomenon of minor enterprise bankrupt happened every day.  

      It‘s smoothly for Relam Holding Group in 2015. We develop and launch new products,obtained patents in such fields as high pressure washer.  The global 500 companies like walmart bought our products. Market coverage and sales volume is increase.Volume of business went up a new peak.(rose by about 80 per cent than last year). The leader of our city pay more attention to our company’s develop.

      In order to achieve the production of more standard specification, larger scale of production and production capacity to meet the needs of company development and transformation.On Dec, 3rd 2015. Under the leadership of our board chairman Mr Yao , reach an agreement with our government official on 30000 square meters of new plant location problem ( Tie-Niu village,Mei Zhu town).

      On 18th  Dec 2015.Our government official Mr Pan and The county officer Mr Pan and the director of Lianjian property management company Mr Liang come to Realm Head office to discuss the contract details on 18th December, 2015. We reach consensus of all contract item and signed contract with Lianjian property management company under the witness of officer Pan. We expect to relocate the new plant officially in the first half of year 2016.    

      The location of new factory put in place,is a milestone in our company’s  history. It marks the dilapidated infrastructure and technical equipment of our company reach a new stage,lays a firm foundation for new product development and product quality improved.

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      Contact:The ministry of foreign trade
      Tel:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

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